Legal Advocacy

CSADV staff provide legal advocacy to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and homicide. CSADV advocates are familiar with the criminal justice process in the respective counties served by CSADV, and they are able to provide victims with accurate information and support. Under Iowa law, victims have the right to have an advocate with them during all court proceedings related to the abuse. Legal advocacy may include:

Advocacy related to the criminal aspect of a victim’s case:

  • Assisting a victim with making a police report; providing accompaniment and support while a police report is made.
  • Providing accompaniment and support while the victim meets with various criminal justice officials regarding the criminal case, including the county attorney’s office and other attorneys.
  • Providing accompaniment and support while the victim testifies in a criminal case, or while the victim participates in other aspects related to the criminal case.

 Advocacy related to the civil aspects of a victim’s case:

  • Providing assistance, accurate information, and support when the victim files a Pro Se Protection Order.
  • Providing accompaniment and support to both the Temporary and Permanent hearings.

Iowa Vine  – For information on the custody status and location of an offender, contact
IowaVINE at 188-7-IA-VINE (1-888-742-8463)

What is Iowa Vine? IowaVINE is a crime victim information and notification system that tracks criminals who have been arrested by law enforcement or convicted by the justice system.

IowaVINE is a free 24 hour confidential computer based service that provides crime victim information and notification via telephone and/or computer.

IowaVINE is a service of the Iowa Attorny General’s Crime Victim Assistance Division.

IowaVINE was created to provide information, notification and peace of mind for crime victims.

IowaVINE is also available to anyone who seeks public information about the custody and location of an offender.