Someone You Know – Domestic Violence

How can I help a friend or a family member?

Do you know someone who is being abused by a boyfriend or partner in a relationship? Here are some ideas on how to provide support to a friend or family member.

Educate Yourself
You will most likely become frustrated unless you understand the dynamics of domestic violence. This website gives helpful information about the cycle of violence, as well as examples of different types of abuse.

Approach Her
Approach her about the abuse in a sensitive way. Let your friend or family member know you care and are willing to listen.
Give positive reinforcement and emotional support.

Believe what she tells you. It will have taken a lot for her to talk to you and trust you.

Let Her Make Her Own Decisions
it is empowering to know that someone trusts your judgment and believes in your ability to find solutions to the problem. Trust her to make the right choices for herself. Tell her you respect her courage and determination.

Refer her – to CSADV for free, confidential services so that she can get additional information and support.