We are happy that you are interested  in becoming a volunteer at CSADV. Below you will find descriptions detailing  what we are looking for in volunteers. We ask that anyone interested in  becoming a volunteer fill out our volunteer application and complete our  volunteer interview. Volunteers must not have been involved in a domestic  violence or sexual assault incident or used agency services within the year. If  you are interested in providing direct service to our clients we require you to  be 18 years of age or older and complete a required 32 hour training program  provided free of charge by CSADV.

While there are no academic  prerequisites or experience as a professional counselor required, we have  general qualifications that are extremely important for volunteer participation  at CSADV. The most important prerequisite for being successful, as a volunteer,  is an interest in people and their welfare. It’s important as well to have:

  • A firm  belief in the philosophy of empowerment. Empowerment means: a) assisting the client in the process of reclaiming  her own power, gaining control over her life and finding resources b) providing  information and skills on personal, interpersonal, and social levels.
  • The ability  and willingness to learn about, or have prior knowledge of the dynamics of  domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • An honest conviction  of the dignity and value of all individuals.
  • Sensitivity  to women’s issues.
  • A personal  and professional integrity.
  • An ability  to effectively relate to persons from various socio-economic, ethnic, and  religious groups from both urban and rural areas.
  • A  willingness to work with victims of abuse in a crisis situation.
  • A monthly  time commitment of 10-15 hours.

Volunteer job  descriptions Direct Volunteer Work (Requiring the  32 hour training program) On Call Volunteer: be able to respond to crisis in  shelter, the hospital, etc., during the evening hours 5pm-5am (M-F) or on the  weekends 5am-5pm/5pm-5am as it works with your schedule. Volunteer must have  reliable transportation and be accountable for days which they sign up. Must be  comfortable being in the medical/social service setting and working with  different agencies (i.e.: police) in the community. Volunteer will work closely  with staff until they are comfortable responding by themselves.

Shelter Work: Assisting staff working with shelter  clients in responding to individual, family or shelter needs. Duties include  (but are not limited to) assisting in the shelter intake process, answering the  crisis line, light cleaning, assisting in facilitating evening group,  accompanying client to a doctor appointment, reading to a child, taking client  to Goodwill, sharing a talent you have or simply listening.  Volunteer must be able to multitask, have good  communication skills and be able to respond to the needs of shelter clients.

Crisis Hotline: Answer crisis hotline and provide  information and support to callers. Volunteer must be comfortable answering a  multiline phone and directing calls to appropriate staff. Good listening skills  and knowledge of local agencies are also desired.

Children’s Program: Assist in responding to the needs of  children in shelter. This includes helping to facilitate children’s group,  providing childcare during group, or engaging children in activities (i.e.: art  projects, reading stories, etc.). Volunteer must be comfortable working with  children of all ages and at times a large number of children. Must be able to  follow Love & Logic guidelines while interacting with children.

Group Support: Assist with facilitating support  group that women attend while residing in shelter. Group meets twice a day 9am  and 9pm for an hour. Volunteer must have strong communication and listening  skills and be able to maintain focus of topic being discussed.

When you decide to become a direct service volunteer, staff will work closely with you to ensure that you are comfortable in whatever job description you have decided to help with. We are ALWAYS here to help coach and support you through the process. once you and staff feel you are ready to advocate without assistance, we will further discuss your options.

Educational Program: Assist Education Coordinator with  presentation at area schools. Volunteer must be comfortable speaking in front  Preschool through College aged students and be available during school hours.

Community Outreach: Help at various community fairs by  staffing the agency table and distributing agency materials. Assisting staff to  distribute posters and brochures to local businesses and agencies on a  continuous basis. A strong connection to local businesses and agencies and the  ability to make and maintain relationships is helpful.

Clerical Duties: Assist staff with general office  work, occasional data entry and filing. Volunteer must be comfortable using  Microsoft programs and be comfortable using a fax and copy machine.

Fundraising: Assist in providing support during  fundraisers. CSADV currently needs help with volunteers for the Golf  Tournament, Awesome Biker Nights, MMM and our Poinsettia fundraiser. Various  job duties, times and conditions vary. Local groups are encouraged to  participate.  Volunteer must be committed  to attending the event if they sign up and most importantly volunteer must be  able to HAVE FUN! (please note that you must be 21 years of  age or older to volunteer for Awesome Biker Nights)

CSADV needs YOU. Whether you assist clients or are able to help with agency needs like  fundraising or presentations, your help provides a safe place for victims of  violence. WE COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!!! If you are interested in becoming a  volunteer click on the left to fill out our volunteer application. If you would like more information, please call our Volunteer Coordinator (712)277-0131.