Prevention Education

Prevention Education  
CSADV provides educational opportunities to the   communities we serve. Educational presentations are   available to all segments of the community and can be   modified to best target your group and fit your   schedule. Presentations are informative and assist the   public in becoming more aware of the issues surrounding   domestic violence and sexual assault. All educational   programs are offered free of charge. If your class,   group, or organization would like to schedule a   presentation, please contact our agency.

CSADV provides educational prevention programming for preschool children through college level. All curriculum concepts are age and developmentally appropriate and       each level builds upon the previous section.  This programming is designed to address the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault in a non-threatening fashion. The educational programs incorporate role plays, skits, live characters, printed  materials, film and video, discussion between the presenter and audience, and much more. It is our belief that prevention education is vital to ending child and adult victimization. All education programs, as are all CSADV services, are offered free of charge.

Prevention Programming, Elementary School PreK, ,Kindergarten, First Grade, Happy Bear: Happy Bear utilizes a panda mascot to help children understand safe vs. unsafe touch and how to tell an adult if they are touched. This is an interactive, fun program.

Kindergarten—Third Grade, Quit It! This research-based program gives children a vocabulary and conceptual framework that allows them to understand the distinction between teasing and bullying and how to respond to bullying .

Fourth and Fifth Grade, Bully Proof: This research-based program engages       children to think about the distinctions between teasing and bullying. Activities help children focus on the boundaries between appropriate and inappropriate, playful and hurtful behavior. Included are useful tips on how to safely respond to a bully.

Second and Fourth Grade, Body Safety and Me: The focus of this program is to help students identify what sexual abuse is and how to respond. The program empowers children that their bodies are their own and no one has the right to touch them       inappropriately. Children are taught how to tell and who to tell.

Grades 4 through High school, Sexting and Cyber bullying A new phenomena … sexting and cyber bullying are quickly becoming a major problem in our schools and communities. Recent suicides of cyber bullying victims have brought this issue to light. Students receive information about the serious consequences including possible criminal actions. Step by step instruction is given to students on what they can do if they become a victim of these crimes.

Middle School and High School, Gender Violence/Gender Justice: This research-based program explores power, inequalities and violence in relationships, as well as in friendships. The program creates discussion about the larger topics of gender violence, including sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

Flirting or Hurting: This research-based program explores student– to-student         sexual harassment in schools. Topics covered include flirting versus sexual harassment, identifying and standing up for ones rights, and appropriate responses to sexual harassment.

Love is not Abuse: This program focuses on issues of teen dating violence.         Students will learn to identify the warning sings of an abusive relationship, how they can support a friend who is being abused and how to confront a friend who is abusive.

CSADV staff recognizes that these are sensitive issues. Presenters are certified as sexual abuse and domestic abuse counselors/advocates and are trained in each of these curricula.

To schedule any of these presentations, please contact the Education Coordinator (712)277-0131.