The Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence is a private, non profit agency that is dedicated to helping victims of sexual assault and/or domestic violence become empowered in their quest for dignity and self-respect.The purpose of CSADV’s program is to provide a central agency where victims can receive assistance, reassurance, support, and a sense of stability.

Mission Statement The Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, CSADV, provides support, advocacy, and a safe environment to empower adults and children who have experienced domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Through leadership and education, CSADV works collaboratively with the community to promote social change and to end violence.

Board of Directors

President Immediate Past-President
William Foulk Dale Tigges
Vice President Treasurer
Julie Stoik Joe Twidwell
Secretary Executive Director
Laurie Mills Margaret Sanders
Taffy Benson Mike Krysl
Mark Bohner Ted Massey
Steve Crary Col. Brian Miller
Ellen Dickey Heidi Reinking
Jeffrey Gebauer Angelia Sanders
Joseph Giesler Wm. James Spencer
Jane Hedlund Alaire Willits
Lisa Kroger

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